In memory of Fountaine

In Memory of Fountaine

In Memory of Fountaine


I am so honored that Mary chose me to paint a keepsake portrait of her wedding dress. Mary was married in 1987.  Isn’t she lovely! Her mother Fountaine, seen in the photo with her daughter on her wedding day, made her dress.  Mary lost her mother in a tornado in recent years, but her wedding dress was retrieved.  Mary invited me to be a part of her wedding story when she commissioned a wedding dress portrait as a “memorial to my mother”.  As you can see from the photos, the dress still sparkles and Fountaine’s talent lives on and will be cherished and celebrated by generations to come!

Mary, I am so grateful you invited me to be a part of honoring your mother in this special way!   -Kristina

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2 Responses to In memory of Fountaine

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you Kristina for my portrait. This is a keepsake that will be passed down in my family long after the dress is gone. It is a special memorial to a special mom. We lost so much in the tornado, including mom. But through your work my family now has something in which to always remember her. Words cannot express to you our appreciation of your beautiful artwork!

    • admin says:

      Mary, Thank you for your kind words! You have an inspiring story and I am grateful you invited me to be a part of it!

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