Story of a Dress


Bridal Bouquet Paintings

Announcing Custom Bridal Bouquet Portraits!

Commission a bridal bouquet painting as a complement to your wedding dress portrait or as a stand alone piece of art.  All bouquet paintings ship matted and packaged in our original hand sewn envelopes.  Visit our shop to commission your own heirloom painting today!

Wedding Dress Portrait and Bouquet Painting for Mara painted by Kristina Bailey

Bouquet painting by Kristina Bailey


Portrait of a Dress + SC Stockshop

Bridal Bouquet Painting by Kristina Bailey with SC Stockshop photography

When SC Stockshop partnered with the creative studio of Mae Mae and Co, I knew I wanted to get my hands on their styled stock photography to showcase my wedding dress portraits and bridal bouquet paintings.  To see more images offered from SC Stockshop, visit

This partnership provided so many styled stock images to stationary designers and artists like myself.   In the past, I have scanned my originals and used images of the paintings alone for portfolio and promotional use.  I am enjoying seeing my artwork paired with these beautifully styled photos.  Let me know if you agree.

I have added bridal bouquet portraits (like the painting in the photo above) as a stand alone painting or an add on to a wedding dress portrait order.   Inquire with me for available sizes and pricing.   Painting flowers has always been my first love.  I am excited share this love with my clients in the form of bridal bouquet portraits.

Best, Kristina

Portrait Of A Dress by Kristina Bailey. Styled Stock Photography from SC Stockshop


Wedding Dress Portraits: The Perfect Gift

Wedding Dress Portrait by Kristina Bailey

Wedding Dress Portraits by Kristina Bailey

Wedding Dress Portrait Paintings by Kristina Bailey:  The Perfect Gift for Weddings and Anniversaries




Portrait of a Christening Gown

MarianneJenningsChristeningThis portrait of a christening gown takes a sweet family memory and preserves and celebrates it visually for generations to come.



Ferguson Portrait of A Dress

FergusonWeddingDressPortraitThe details of this dress blow me away.  The subtle lace pattern danced beautifully with the cascading ribbons at the base of the dress.  It really was a beautiful dress for an equally stunning bride!


A Few Favorites from 2014

WeddingDressPortraitsbyKristinaBailey2014Round2In the 6 years I have painted wedding dress portraits, I have never painted the same dress twice!  Just like the brides, each dress is uniquely beautiful!